Thursday, November 18, 2010

The all wise Chinee

So a week or so ago I got online and entered the info needed for the Chinee to tell me what gender this kid inside me is. They told me it was a boy... And they were right! We went today and saw the little fellow. I really didn't need the ultra sound to tell me either because if the all wise Chinee tell you something, you don't question it. Actually in reality I didn't need the chinese calendar to tell me either. At first I thought it was a girl but a week or two ago I had this moment where I just knew it was a boy. No doubt about it. So there we have it, we are going to be blessed with a baby boy in the spring! Speaking of blessings, we must be doing something right because we have been extremely taken care if lately. A few examples:
We just repainted our living room. We went to home depot and got our paint at the paint desk (where no one said anything about saving money)On our way to the check out a lady stopped us and asked if we had heard about the paint plan. Apparently if you check out at the service desk instead of the regular check out they will give you 10% off. Some how we ended up get more like 30% off! Blessing? Yes!
Example #2:
we also got a couple new chairs for the living room. Before we went to go get them we called to make sure they were still there. We were told there were three left so to come down and get them! When we got there, they actually only had one, that was out on the floor. They told us since it was their mistake they would give us the one on the floor (which was in perfect condition) for 20% off and if we would wait for a week to get the second one when the shipment came in they would give us 10% off. That saved us over $100. Blessing? Absolutely!
Example #3
we went to get a Christmas tree that was on sale. When we got to the check out line the checker on the next aisle over turned around and handed me a piece of paper saying "here, use this". It was a coupon that saved us an extra $20! Blessing? Most definitely!
Example #4
Andrew was leaving work a couple of days ago, frustrated by a situation that had been causing him problems for a very long time. As he was walking out the door a plant manager pulled him back in and offered him a promotion! Andrew is now a supervisor! Wahoo! Such a blessing on more than one level. He needed the change so badly!
Example #5
Our totally crazy and perfectly healthy little girl. Hands down the best thing that has ever happened to us! Now we get to add a brother! How lucky our we? Now we just need to find a way to show our gratitude and pay it forward.


  1. Awesome!! A boy! I'm so excited for you guys! Boys are the best (right along with girls ;) ). And your blessings are extra cool! It's amazing how things work out for the best. [As far as paying it forward: I believe you should come to Iowa/Nauvoo...that would definitely pay it forward :)] THis is Kira ...btw

  2. congratulations!!! :D that is so awesome/exciting! and you guys deserve the blessings, reading this post made me extremely happy :) it's been way too long since we have seen you!

  3. Congrats!! I didn't know you were expecting baby #2, that's so fun! Our little bundle will probably be here in the next few weeks, we are very anxious to meet him! It's funny how those small little blessings make the biggest difference.

  4. Wahoo. Boys are awesome! And so very different from the girls. I was waiting for you to say something on your blog about being pregnant. I wasn't sure if you were telling people and I really wanted to congratulate you, so....CONGRATS!

    We definitely have to plan to see each other this summer. Our kids have to meet!

  5. Oh, a boy :') that's a tear in my eye :) congrats! I can't believe you are old enough to have two babies :') that's another tear. seems like only yesterday you were just a kid yourself and I was a lot younger too :''') lots of tears. So glad you can see the blessings in your life. I'm so proud of you xoxoxoxo