Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barca anyone???!!

Ok I know Im mostly just talking to myself on this one because Ill be lucky if even one of you knows what Im talking about (Sara, you would be the one Im talking about) here but I cant help it, I have to share my love and excitement!
Xavi.... Best player in the world? Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Messi and I have to hand it to Christiano (even though I hate him and and his perfect tan) but scoring goals doesn't mean you are THE best player in the world. Where would Messi be without this man?  Honestly. Xavi is THE ONLY MAN EVER to complete over 100 passes in one game! This means that those passes actually connected with the person they were meant for. Amazing?! More amazing than I can even explain and to top it off, he has done it 4 TIMES! I love this man. Truly, it is love.

I dont know if you watched the big match on monday but I sure did. And I may or may not have watched it again last night, and don't be surprised if you hear that I watch it again tonight. Yes, it was THAT good. Now for those of you who don't understand what I mean when I say "big match" let me explain. Barcelona FC and Real Madrid are considered to be the best teams in Spain. In my opinion they are easily the best teams in the world. The rivalry between these two teams is INSANE! A great majority of the men from these two teams also happen to play together on the Spain national team but that doesnt seem to stop them from trying to break each others legs. This was not a championship game or even a determining game at this point but more people watched this one game than watch the super bowl. That is what I mean by big. Football fans (by this I of course mean soccer) around the world gather at pubs, movie theaters, town squares, pretty much anywhere and everywhere, to watch this game. Not to mention that there is a bit of the past between the present manager of Real Madrid and the club of Barcelona, but we wont get into that.
Now, as you have probably figured out, I am a Barca fan. I literally dream about this team. That being said, I bet you can guess who ended up with the win. The experts were back and forth. Was it going to be Real or Barca with the win? Maybe a draw? HA! Draw nothing! My boy Xavi put in a goal in the first 10 minutes! This was HUGE for me (and him) because Xavi is not a goal scorer and therefor gets overlooked. Not in this match my friends! By the end of the first half we were up by two (thanks to a pretty little finish from Pedro) and I was sitting pretty comfortable but you never know what is going to happen when you have an entire half left. Then the real fun began. Real Madrid lost their heads and David Villa capitalized, two goals within 5 minutes of each other. We are up by 4! Game over! Oh but wait... here comes our little substitute Jeffren to put the icing on the cake and shove it up Christianos nose! Thats right 5-0!!!! Hahahaha! It still makes me giggle with complete giddiness. Again for those of you who don't understand, 5-0 in a soccer match is like.... 82-0 in a basketball game. Total humiliation. I loved every minute of it! Especially when Real started to pick fights because they felt so stupid. Ooops! Red Card for Sergio Ramos! BU-BYE!
Im sorry if you read this entire thing and didn't really care but I had to put this one in the records. Im just so darn happy!
P.S. I found this little beauty of a post and needed to share it as well. and yes, it is about the game so if you're bored of all the football talk, don't bother to read it.

As we said before, Barcelona's 5-0 domination of Real Madrid on Wednesday was a bit of madness. The combination of Jose Mourinho's worst ever defeat, Barca scoring with ease, 13 total bookings and Ronaldo and Ramos going around shoving people, the match begged us to ask that question we keep coming back to: What if it continued?
97' -- Bojan wins game of Rock, Paper, Scissors among Barca XI to decide who gets to score the team's 6th goal. Goalkeeper Victor Valdes calls dibs on the 7th.
101' -- Jose Mourinho realizes that his Special One power ring has been replaced with a common mood ring. It explodes.
108' -- Ronaldo regrets shoving Pep Guardiola earlier in the match. Wishes he spilled coffee on his outfit instead. 
115' -- Mesut Ozil forgets that Mesut Ozil is at the game. 
120' -- Sitting on the bench with one eye closed and his finger in his ear, David Villa scores his third goal. 
123' -- Rafa Benitez laughs at Mourinho's misfortune, painfully shooting milk out of his nose as he does so. But he doesn't care. He doesn't care.  
129' -- Back in the dressing room, Sergio Ramos shoves himself in the face just to see how it feels. He feels violated.
133' -- Xabi Alonso breaks out in a cold sweat, fearful that Nigel De Jong might show up at any time.
142' -- Lionel Messi only half-heartedly makes defenders look stupid as his mind drifts to the Shuttle Adventure Lego playset Pep promised him if Barca win. He decides he will fly it to the Lego moon and then walk really slow like he's actually there. He high-fives himself. 
145' -- Gerard Pique spontaneously starts to bleed.
148' -- Jose Mourinho declares that this has all been a dream and none of it is real. He insists that it is all just a figment of everyone's collective imagination. Victor Valdes physically removes him from the stadium. Pep Guardiola defecates gold. 

is it bad that my eyes are literally tearing up because of laughter? whoever wrote this is a genius!

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