Sunday, December 19, 2010


So a couple of days ago AnDee came to me and said "Mama fat!"
so I said "mama fat?"
AnDee: "uh huh!... Dada fat!
Me: "dada fat too?!"
AnDee: "uh huh! Yup! ... Betty fat!!"
Me: "Betty is fat too? ...Are you fat?"
AnDee: "nope!"

So there you have it folks... The whole family is fat, except for buggy. Sad thing is... I can't argue with her.


  1. :( Saddest post I have ever seen. And yet hilarious too. :D She's an awesome kid!!

  2. Oh man, she's sassy already! LOL! I think she's her mother's daughter :) sassy. xoxoxoxo (I mean that in a good way :)