Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Christmas tree!

Every year we get a permit and go out and cut down our own Christmas tree. I LOVE this tradition! It is so much fun to go out and hike around in the snow. But this year we also bought an artificial tree because, lets just be honest, its easier to take care of and not as easily destroyed by AnDee. So we decided to still go out and cut down a tree but this year we gave it to a neighbor who has had an extremely hard year and otherwise probably wouldn't have a tree. It was a blast as usual, even though we spent a very significant amount of time being stuck or waiting for others who were stuck in the snow to get unstuck so we could get by. Its all part of the adventure. I love Christmas time and all that comes with it!

I love Andrews cheesiness in this one :)

apparently there was something on the camera lens? of course its exactly in the middle of the pictures.. oh well.
P.S. I LOVE my Christmas tree! It turned out perfect. Im hesitant to post pictures though because I know my cruddy camera will not do it justice.

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  1. I love AnDee's face in the family photo! "Stop squashing me!" LOL!! It looks way fun! I can't wait to see pictures of your other tree :)