Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Train Museum

Not just any train museum. The biggest train museum in the United States. And it was SO COOL.
A few weeks ago we took off on a Saturday morning and made the little drive to the coolest museum ever. We are talking hundreds and HUNDREDS of real life full sized, on tracks, trains! We got to walk through some really old and super awesome passenger trains. We got to see some of the oldest trains out there and the steam engines we got to get up close and personal with were absolutely incredible. Giant and old and incredible!
We got to ride on an electric train and a diesel but.... we left before we actually got to get on the steam engine and Im still kicking myself for not sticking it out and waiting for a turn to ride. It was seriously so awesome and we will definitely be returning to ride that dang steam engine!

 They had real life old school caboose's (or as Pep would say "camoose") complete with cupola on top!

Andrew always makes lovely faces for our pictures

 Do you see the size of that thing?!
 To say Pep was excited would be a gross understatement. Euphoric would be a little more accurate I think. His sister wasn't far behind him on the excitement level either.  It was such a good day. So so so fun. I can't wait to do it again. The only thing that would have made it any better (besides riding the steam engine of course) would have been if they had a circus train. We searched and searched but never found one. Im sure they exist though... you know the dumbo style ones where the hippos have a pool and the giraffes can stick their heads out the top?! Life will be complete the day we find a train like that.

P.S. Steam engines are really really loud. And equally as awesome.


  1. So so fun! We found an awesome train store here in Utah, but not nearly as cool! And I need you to text me. I lost my contacts and keep mixing up the last four digits of your number...

  2. This is awesome!! Where is it? I love how excited your kids look in all of these. :)