Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the Mean Time

This boy...

Finally decided it was time to get out of diapers and start using the toilet. I know, I know. He is 3 and 1/2 but I had been warned about boys and how hard potty training can be and so I patiently waited until he was ready. Which was a pretty good idea because he pretty much just decided to do it and that was that!

Ninja turtles are a huge hit in our house right now. Im not completely sure why but Donatello is Peps absolute favorite. On occasion he will wear this nice purple (and manly) headband. At which point I am under strict orders to call him Donnie.

 Do you see this...???

I know, its adorable. I LOVE his hair long and shaggy and blond but at some point you have to suck it up and chop those baby locks so that your son doesn't go blind from being stabbed in the eye by his own hair.
Needless to say (See pics) The boy was not pleased with having his hair cut.

But he sure does have some beautiful eyes when you can actually see them, doesn't he?

We walk AnDee too and from school every day. And every day we have to stop at this really awesome rock so Pep can jump off of it. Right before I took this pick he was explaining to me that he is a "cool dude" cause he has socks like Dave. (yes... Dave ALWAYS wears black socks. Even in the shower)

The boy has turned in to SUCH a talker and my favorite part about listening to him is when he doesn't know a word. He is amazing at describing things so that you know exactly what he is talking about. On our way home from Utah (the first time. We drove) We were almost to Nebraska and he got all excited and started pointing out the window yelling "Mom look!" I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about so I asked him what I was looking for. "The huge spinning star!!!" Sure enough I looked out the window to find rows and rows of "huge spinning stars" also known as windmills.
A few weeks later we went out one evening to catch fireflies and there were fireworks going off in the distance. Again "Mom look!!" and again I asked what I was looking for "The flowers that explode in the sky!" He's cool.
The other fun thing about listening to him is that he still talks like a little kid. (Which I LOVE.) He still says things like "lellow" instead of yellow or "berry" in stead of very. The best part is that if you mimic him and say it the same way he will totally correct you... except its really hard for him to correct you cause he is not completely sure how to say it the right way, he just knows you are saying it wrong. Also if you try to get him to say words that you know he struggles (I only do this because I love hearing the way he talks.) with he will refuse. He does not like being laughed at. But its just so darn cute.
This kid is a hoot. As much as we all struggle with AnDee going to school every day it has been so fun to see him open up a little while she is gone. He is much more reserved when she is around but he comes right out of that shell when he feels like he has my undivided attention.
I love that he is rough and tumble and loves all things boy. We went to the park the other day while AnDee was at school and we were playing pirates on the toys. A nanny and two kids about the same age as Pep and one a little younger than Ike showed up a few minutes later. Ike was busy eating fish (wood chips) that we were catching out of the "ocean" and Pep kept falling in to the "ocean" and getting eaten by sharks. At which point I would have to save him. Im pretty sure the nanny thought I was COMPLETELY off my rocker. Here my 18 months old is eating wood chips and my 3 year old is rolling around in the mud (aka ocean) Both disgustingly dirty. The little boy started following Pep around and she quickly reprimanded him for getting dirty. Trying to lighten the mood I said (to the little boy)  something like "Yeah...Don't do what my kids do. Eating wood chips and rolling in mud is pretty gross" to which the nanny very seriously agreed with.  It didn't phase us though. We continued our pirate game which was way more fun than sitting on the side watching because you can't get dirty. All boys should get really dirty every day. It makes them much easier to handle and a lot less contentious. Plus its fun.

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