Monday, September 15, 2014

The Ikester

He eats mud. A lot of mud. I think his two favorite foods are mud and chalk. He's obsessive about the mud and it drives me CRAZY.  Its not just like he sticks a little mud in his mouth and tastes it. Its like he puts handfuls in, chews and swallows. Its gross... but he still seems mostly healthy so I guess it can't be that bad for him.

Isaac is hands down my most rough and tumble kid I have. He hits, he pinches and bites and it all makes him laugh. A lot. He even laughs when you do it back.  He loves to be roughed up and you can be surprisingly mean with him and he still thinks its hilarious. I don't know what Im going to do with him when he gets a little older. He is already pretty strong and I can't get him to soften up! His poor siblings take a beating on a regular basis.
He is the biggest tease EVER. It's incredible how intensely he teases. He loves to walk up to Pep and grab whatever he is holding, yank it out of his hands and then run away laughing. Pep is his favorite person to do this to because he gives the biggest reaction. Full on throwing himself on the ground and screaming... Which just encourages Ike even more.
He is completely obsessed with reading. Its doesn't matter if I read to him for 5 minutes or an hour he has a complete meltdown every time I tell him we are done. Its actually pretty heartbreaking how sad he gets. He has memorized a lot of the books and jabbers along with me while I read or makes the animal/ bear/dino noises in the right places. Reading to him is one of my favorite activities as of late.
 This is how every day starts and ends. He wanders around the house dragging book with him and throwing fit after fit about no one reading to him. At moments he will get distracted and read to himself for a few minutes (he actually jabbers and makes the noises that fit) but after a few minutes he is right back at it... shadowing my every move and getting totally enraged when I don't sit down and read to him.

He isn't as verbal as my other two were at this age. He only uses a handful of actual words (mostly. "poopey" and "book" and the occasional "Oh TOODLES"!) but he communicates perfectly. No one ever has any doubt about what the kid wants, doesn't want, likes or dislikes. (if we are being honest he actually knows a lot of words but he always has a stinking binki in his mouth preventing him from using them.)

He's super bossy and is excellent at throwing fits... which drives us all completely crazy. But he is also so sweet and funny and a lot of fun. He loves to "help" me clean by putting random things in random drawers and his new favorite thing to do in the car is to wave and yell "HI!" to everyone and everything we pass. He is awesome during prayers too. He folds his arms and kneels (when called for) and always ends with and "amen!"
Im in love with this little fellow. He keeps things exciting and fun and challenging.

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