Monday, September 29, 2014

Aunt Amber and Nana Come to Chicago

Aunt Amber and Nana came to visit us a couple of weekends ago! It was a fairly short visit (at least too short in our opinion) but we had a ton of fun.
Upon waking up to visitors at our house, AnDee and Pep were ecstatic. Isaac however was not so sure. Eventually he warmed up to them though. At first he would only make eye contact if they stayed on the other side of the room. Then he started cracking a few smiles. Eventually he let Amber read to him and that quickly escalated to hand holding and hugs.

The first day they were here we dragged them around Aurora and Naperville shopping and showing off downtown Naperville and all of its charm. We took them to the bell tower and the river walk and to our favorite little bistro. It was a tiring and fun day.
The next day we made them go to church with us and be subject to much attention and introduction.
On Monday we took them for an adventure in the city.... by train of course.

We headed over to Millennium Park to see the bean and of course to take a few minutes to chase the pigeons.

Then we hopped on another train and headed to the coolest museum EVER. The museum of Science and Industry. The best part is that between us being residents and Andrew having corporate passes, we all got in for free!

Thats AnDee up there see her??

This museum was seriously awesome. They had so much to play with and see. Its super interactive  so its especially fun for the kids. They had trains you could climb on and storm stations where you got to see how tornadoes are made or how powerful lighting is. There was too much to even mention but if you ever come to Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend going.
 Yes... Amber totally photobombed my kids' picture.
 Oh... just a to scale replica of Chicago... model trains included of course.

 Electricity is fun
After that we headed over to Lou Malnati's because no trip to Chicago is complete without pizza from Lou Malnati's and then we headed back to Union station to head home.
We really wanted to stop for some hot asian buns but unfortunately (or maybe lucky??) for us they were closed.
Sadly our guests had to catch a flight early the next morning and we had to say goodbye all too soon but it sure was fun to have some visitors!

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