Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Xavi Boy

This kid is a pure joy. He is mellow and forgiving and although he has learned to squeal (like a little girl) when his sister gets too close or tries to take something from him, for the most part he doesn't complain. He is really starting to expand his vocabulary and loves the animal noises, especially moo which he pronounces "boo" and his cute little voice cracks every time he hollers it. He loves to dance and sing at the TOP of his lungs (something he and his sister love to do together) He is all boy and loves sticks and rocks and mud. He likes to ride his dogs and help feed the chickens. He loves bugs, especially ants because he can squish them between his fingers. You pretty much can't find him without a rock or a stick in his hand. He is a tease and loves to take things from his sister just to make her scream (and then he laughs at her) or wait until you are about ready to sit down and then jump in your seat right before you do. He loves pushing his sisters baby strollers around but mostly he loves ramming them in to things (including me or the dogs) He is in constant search of airplanes and helicopters ("cop cops") when outside. He loves to pull all of my pots and pans out and drag them across the kitchen floor just so he can hear the awful noise they make. He loves water and finds it hilarious when he gets sprayed in the face. He is obsessed with his bottle but absolutely will not even consider a binki. Gayle is is favorite person and when ever he sees her he yells her name as loud as he can (even in church) he wants to do everything his sister does and I find him in some pretty precarious positions when he tries to follow her sometimes. When he gets tired he will find a bottle and a blanket and crawl up in my lap all on his own. He eats a lot of sand and chalk. Swinging is bliss for him. He loves ice cream but pulls the most awful faces while eating it. He thinks folding his arms during prayers is funny for some reason and laugh just about every time. He loves his tricycle and his car and will just sit on/in them for crazy amounts of time. I can't keep shoes on him for more than 30 seconds but often find him walking around the yard saying "ow ow ow". He loves the car but hates his car seat. He really doesn't have much interest in tv yet which we are totally ok with. He likes to jump on the jumpoline but can only get one leg off the ground when he does. He knows exactly where Poppy's stash of M&Ms is and heads straight for it every time he gets the chance. He loves to rough house with his dad. Although he loves to rough house with his dad, he is often a very sweet mamas boy (which mom loves) He is really struggling with the concept of sharing but we are working on it. We love him. I have no doubt that he will be a peacemaker in our home.

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