Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AnDee Lew

I feel like I have been REALLY slacking with keeping up to date with my kids and what's new with them and so... A little update.

This little miss is a riot. Seriously so much fun... And funny too. She keeps me laughing.  She has been 3 for two months now and boy what a different world 3 has been so far.  She is bossy. Really bossy. I often hear her telling her brother that if he doesn't do what she says she will spank him or "if you don't listen to me, I'm not gonna play with you anymore!"...yes those words are already common in my household. But when she decides she is going to be a good girl, (which is more common than not) she is a REALLY good girl. She is sweet, especially with her brother. She is helpful and considerate and is amazing at listening and following directions. Her favorite things to do right now are drawing with sidewalk chalk. (In the last week she has learned to write the letters A, B, C and D. If I'm being totally honest she could be reading and writing by now. But we have a conflict, for whatever reason she doesn't like learning from mom. With other people she spouts off things like she is some kind of genius (seriously) but the second mom enters the room she plays dumb. Probably the most frustrating thing ever. Which is why we are hoping she will start preschool this fall.) She loves to draw flowers butterflies and stick people. She still loves her "jumpoline" and figured out about a month ago how to do a front flip (I don't think I even attempted a front flip until I was about 5) she is still climbing anything and everything she can find and her favorite place this summer has been the water park.  She has really taken off with swimming this summer. She has also mastered her balance bike and can even ride down big hills and turn corners with it so I think we are just about ready to graduate to a peddle bike. She likes to listen to every word people say and correct them when they say something naughty. She has also become a master at finding excuses to get out of bed at night "every night I hear her call from her room for me. When I poke my head in its always"mom, I need to tell you a secret" or "mom, I have a very important question for you"... But after that she really struggles with what to say next. She has attached herself to the bunny I slept with as a kid (and by kid I mean well in to adulthood... Even after marriage) and sleeps with it every night. And although it's ok for her to be bossy and maybe even a little mean with her brother.. If anyone else (including me) so much as looks at him wrong she becomes his personal body guard. She has also become a collector of things. Anything and everything she finds goes in to her "collection"  No one should have as many rocks in their house as I currently do.
She says THE best prayers and I cannot believe how much she knows about the gospel. She loves President Monson and she just earned some money and is so excited to pay her tithing so they can use it to "build temples"
She's the best. Seriously I couldn't ask for more.

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