Monday, July 23, 2012

Flaming Gorge 2012

As you have probably gathered from previous posts (or just from talking to me) we LOVE Flaming Gorge. For me there is something magical (for lack of a better word) about it. Some of my very best memories were made there. I honest could live there (ok maybe not in the winter months 10 feet of snow might be too much for me)
I was a bad mom this year... hardly took any pictures. Luckily Andrew got a few with his phone. We got to spend time with Nanny and Poppy and some of the cousins. It literally took AnDee a week to recover from the sleep deprivation. But she had SO MUCH fun! Dave and Dyl came with too and Dyl didn't even get a attacked by a bear this time!
About half way through the week the kids got a bath. AnDee just wanted in and out so she could get back to playing but Pep could have stayed in there all night I think.
 AnDee caught a salmon out of Matt Warner. She didn't care that it was a salmon but I thought it was pretty neat.
 This kid could spend days on the bike or four wheelers.
 Pep looked like a red neck most of the trip. With his awesome hair cut and all the plaid. It was awesome. (his new favorite thing is to lift his shirt up and flash his belly button to everyone)
 I was spoiled and my sis offered to watch my kids while we went in the cave. I haven't been down in in years so I was super excited. We spent about 4 hours down there. LOVE IT. Although the belly crawling just wasn't as much fun as it used to be...
 The dam

 Dave had told us that he "could not" catch a fish. It had been ten years since he had hooked one and it just wasn't going to happen. So I made a bet with him that he would catch one on this trip. Guess who Dave owes $100?

My family was nice enough to watch my kids for a while so we could take a ride. We rode to the top of "The ridge". Poor Dyl rode the pit bike the whole way. He was in so much pain afterword. So funny.                                            

 These were the only naps Buggy would get. The moments we were in the car for long enough to sleep. tired kids.

 He would just wear this helmet around camp. I guess his head is so big he couldn't really tell the difference?
 Every time someone would catch a fish Pep would come running (and screaming with excitement) and stand right in front of it and do a little happy fish dance. He loved loved loved the fishing.

Cant wait until our next flaming gorge trip. Its always a blast. I start missing it the second we start packing up to come home.

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