Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 4th

The 4th is a very close contender for my favorite holiday. Every 4th of my childhood was spent up at Flaming Gorge having the time of my life with family and friends. It has gotten a little crowded up there over the holiday though so my family has decided to push the trip back a week or two for the last few years. This means we get to spend Independence Day (Also Poppy's birthday) at home. It is a blast. We had almost all the cousins there. We ate lots of good food. Played games (in which only one chicken was killed this year... by cousin Jonas. He has a  skill for killing them... or maybe we should call it "loving" them to death?) We had balloons and fireworks and birthday cake! SO. FUN. I like to tell all the kids that the fireworks are for Poppy's birthday... and most of them believe me. I mean if anyone deserves a firework show for their birthday, its my dad.

I know.. Im missing over half the grandkids. But lets be honest, tracking down 21 of them would be quite the task.

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  1. I sat there and tried to figure out who's kids belong to who. I think I figured most of them out. Man, they are getting big. It makes me feel old.