Thursday, September 8, 2011

Total chaos.

This post is totally random. Just odds and ends. A few pics I wanted to put up.
Let's start with this one...

This is the pool that I got AnDee in august. I'm cheap enough that I didn't want to pay full price for one so I waited until the end of the season and got it on clearance.

This is the cat that AnDee baptized in the pool that I bought her.

And this is the pool now...

Do you see why I only buy things when they are ridiculously cheap?

My kids are cute

In other news...
Andrew got stung by a bee. Bahahaha! He is going to LOVE me for posting this one

And I got/made new mocs. Oh how heart mocs. I'm pretty sure was an Indian in another life.

AnDee has started riding the horses by herself... despite my sheer terror

this one is kind of a big deal... AnDee went to her first movie in a theater! It was the new Winnie The Pooh.  (I couldn't get her to stop playing with the vending machines for long enough to get a good picture, so this is what you get.)

At first she was terrified but then when she decided she wasn't going to die, she suddenly became too cool to sit by mom and dad. She moved up to the row in front of us and sat all by herself. I fear for her teenage years.

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  1. So...did you ever play that "Animal Crossing" game that my parents use to have, because when the player gets stung by a bee their eye totally swells up just like Andrews. It makes me giggle. Your kids are ridiculously cute, and that cat totally looks like a heathen so I can see why she needed to baptise it...