Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am...

Quite possibly the worst person ever. Last night I was asked by the young women of our ward to be a part of "a panel of mothers" as they called it. I was one of six or seven mothers, all coming from different lifestyles and all in different stages in our lives. They asked us to introduce ourselves one at a time. The first lady told us her name, that she was a single mother of 4 and a few other details about her particular situation. Next in line was an elderly woman. Let me just say that I ADORE this woman. She is absolutely incredible. As she started her introduction, this is what I heard "well... I'm a weirdo." I couldn't help it... A smidgen of a laugh came out.... But no one else was laughing. Why not? As she continued I figured it out. "he's been gone for about a year now..." WIDOW! WIDOW! Not weirdo. Kill me now. I just laughed at a woman when she told me she was a widow. Holy smokes. I'm going to H-E-Double barbie legs for that one.


  1. Oh my HECK!! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!!! Now I have to know who it is! Dang. That's funny

  2. Kira called me this morning just to tell me about this post- I have to say- I laughed until I cried!! This sounds so much like something I'd do :/ What a nightmare for you- but I sure needed the laugh :D (I'm with Kira- I'm dying to know who it was)