Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little info on the kiddos

Buggy has hit the "why" stage.
"let's go."
"because we are going to be late"
"because we are supposed to be there in 5 minutes"
"because that's what time it starts"
"if I hear you say 'why' one more time I'm going to pull my own hair out"

She also likes to imitate the things she hears. Every time she hears a siren she runs to me yelling "mama! It's an ambulance!" and then she cups her hands around her mouth and makes a "woooooooo" sound.
She wants to whistle so badly but hasn't figured it out yet so she "toooot"s at everyone.
Yesterday she told me she has a sister so I asked her where her sister was "in your tummy." she said. Nice try, not happening for a while.
A few nights ago I woke up to "Mama. Mama" I finally gave in "what buggy"
"here" she said
Half asleep and off my guard I stuck my hand out for whatever it was she was giving me. And what was the awesome surprise? A booger. A BIG booger. So lovely.
She has been fairly sassy lately. Ok... Really sassy. After taking about all he could handle, her dad told her it was time to shut her mouth and be quiet for a while.
"no dad! That's not a good idea"
She recently learned how to spell her name and she likes to pretend she knows how to write it too.
She still loves broccoli and eats it raw, straight from the plant.
She has become the sidewalk chalk queen (Ill post pics later) and has learned how to draw a smiley face.
She is a blast! So hard to keep up with and yes... sometimes makes me want to pull my own hair out but I can't get enough of her!
Pep is the most chill, lovable kid EVER. He is always happy... as long as his tummy is full. He sleeps good and he is incredibly patient, especially with his sister, who tends to be slightly abusive.
He laughs at EVERYTHING. I take his diaper off, he laughs. I put his diaper on, he laughs. I change his clothes, he laughs. Buggy smacks him in the head, he laughs. I sneeze, he laughs.
He has the cutest little man voice. Its so deep.
He has a pouty lip like you have never seen before. Probable the saddest booboo lip in history.
He can't wear socks cause his feet are too little and his legs are too fat so the fat just pushes the socks down and they slip right off his little feet.
He loves t.v. and I HATE that he loves it.
He reminds me so much of his Uncle Caleb. I hope that stays true. I would love to have a kid like Caleb was.
His hair is really starting to come in and its crazy sticky-uppy. The best part is that there are like 8 random hairs that are 3 times longer than the rest.
He is so so much fun and such a cuddler. You can't hold him and be unhappy. Its impossible.

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