Thursday, March 31, 2016

Last Day

Its the last day of March and guess what? Im writing my 3rd post of the month. So they were all written in the same week. Don't judge me.
I have a few pics from Andrews phone that needed to be added to this months blog posts. So here you go.

Ike's hair is officially long enough to pull back in to a pony. His grandparents LOVE it when his hair is in a ponytail and never make any comments about him needing a haircut. Ever. (that was extreme sarcasm if you didn't catch it.)

The girl and the dog hug a lot. Im not sure how I feel about it but they seem to enjoy it so..

This kid constantly loses one shoe. In fact, he lost one in the field yesterday and we still haven't found it. He just comes wandering in with a shoe missing on a regular basis.

The kids have gone crazy with archery lately. (yes, real life bows and arrows cause we are good parents) Im super impressed with both of them (Pep and Buggy). I had my Activity Days girls (8 and 9 years old) try to shoot with the same bows and not a single one of them could even draw them.

Sometimes when you spend the day shooting bows and chasing down your arrows you get real tired and fall asleep at 7 p.m. like this...

We hiked the G. For those of you that have done this hike you already know how awesome it is that ALL of my kids hiked every step of this journey. We never carried or helped any of them. For those of you that haven't done it, I assure you, you should be really impressed.

Before we went to St. George the boys got knew hats. They both love them. Its hard work to get Pep to take his off.

This a a pic of our kids watching E.T. on the way home from St. George. They are completely obsessed. Watching them watch the movie was way more entertaining than actually watching the movie itself

Ok.... this time Im really done. March is over and I accomplished my goals. See ya next month.

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