Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thats a Wrap

Im going to go ahead and do my typical throw-all-my-pics-in-one-post to wrap up March before March is over and I have to worry about April.

Some days I love that AnDee has long wavy/curly hair. Some days I hate it. We have been trying to make the best of things lately and have been experimenting. Some times we succeed, and some times we fail. We don't document the failures...

This dude learned how to ride a bike in about 30 seconds. Seriously, his very first try and he was off.

We have spent some time up in the foothills exploring. These kids are awesome little hikers.

Pep got hit in the eye with a board while they were working on their fort. All in all he came out pretty lucky. No real damage and hardly even any bruising.

We got to spend some (more) time in St. George (yes, again. Don't judge us. We like it down there) This time we got to go with Aunt Amy and the boys!

I hired a sherpa... actually he worked for free. It only took us about 2 hours to travel approximately 1 mile. We did get to see some silk worms in action though as well as some Indian ruins, so I feel like it was successful.

We spent lots of time playing in the water. 68 degrees seems like water playing weather when you are coming out of winter... and Im a good mom so I just let them go for it.

We also spent a lot of time digging??? in the sand.

When we got back, the weather wasn't quite as nice at home as we would have liked but the cold wind made for some good kite flying!

All in all its been a good month. We have taken full advantage of being outside on the warm days and have made lots of beautiful pieces of art on the cold ones.
 Easter was a blast. I have approximately zero pictures of it but we got to do an Easter egg hunt with Gayle on Saturday (they came back with FOUR dozen boiled eggs. Yay??) and had Easter dinners with both sides of the family on Sunday so it was an awesome day full of cousins and candy! What more could you ask for?

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