Thursday, March 24, 2016

Isaac Renzo... not a baby anymore?

Remember how I said I was going to blog twice a month? Remember how it is March 24th and this is my firs post this month? Pathetic, I know. I do have an excuse though. You see Andrew is starting a new job and this job requires that he has a computer... we only have one computer... I think you get the idea.
Any-who... there is lots to tell about this month but for now Im just going to start with the most important. Ike's birthday. In reality his birthday was in February so it wasn't "this month" but either way it needs to be talked about.
The little Isaac Renzo turned 3 last month.
Everyone thinks Im joking when I talk about crying and having a hard time when my kids have birthdays. Im not. Its completely sincere. I cry EVERY time one of my kids has a birthday. I do it in private so no one knows but its completely true. It terrifies me to think that they are getting independent and need me a little less every day. Birthdays are just a huge reminder of that.

This kid is so easy to please. All he asked for was a Sonic the Hedgehog cake. I was going to go all out with it, but then I remembered how hard that is. So all the kids helped me make a simple round cake and we stuck a Sonic toy (with only one leg.... its a loved toy) on top. The best part is that Ike couldn't have been more happy about it AND we got to eat cake batter for breakfast!

He didn't ask for any gifts or anything so we just took a shot in the dark and got him a HUGE box of Duplos and this neat kit that you can drill little colorful screws into a board and make designs with them. He seemed to enjoy both of them so I guess it was a win?

Nana and Papa got him a Minions Big wheel (which AnDee assembled.. mostly)  and Grandma and Grandpa got him a TON of "lego guys" (The lego figurines)

I can't even express what this little dude means to me and to everyone in this family. He is just happy. We always joke about how he is either the happiest kid ever or a complete terror (AKA: Larry) But when he is a terror it is almost always very short lived and generally well deserved. He is so patient and fun loving. However I am a little concerned because he is starting to get bullied by other kids because of his endless patience. Its a little surprising cause he is a really big and really solid kid. If he wanted to take someone out, it wouldn't be a problem for him. The other day I had him with me while I was playing volleyball. He was minding his own business (like he always does) and playing with a couple of toys. He was squatting at the top a small flight of stairs when a little girl walked straight up to him and shoved him (with both hands) down the stairs. He didn't even really cry. He very quietly came to me and told me what had happened and showed me the marks on his arms. I told him to push the little booger back. The best parenting technique??? Maybe not, but this story is not an unusual one for this kid. I think because he plays by himself so often, it makes him an easy target for other kids. I hope he can start standing up for himself.
Isaac loves anything his siblings love. He is the perfect little brother in that he goes along with whatever they say, exactly how they say. He especially loves Minions and "Lego guys"
Right now one of the things he says that cracks me up is "my" instead of "I" for example, yesterday this is what I overheard
Ike (to andrew) : "My didn't do it!"
Andrew: "Yes my did!" (maybe mocking him a little?)
Ike: "NO! ME didn't do it!"
He hasn't even figured out the word "I" yet... and Im in no hurry to introduce it to him.

He eats CONSTANTLY and it drives me crazy! But I guess it means he is healthy. He loves apple juice and bubble gum (which he got stuck in his hair this morning... badly)
He comes to my side of the bed almost every morning when he wakes up and hugs my head and says "love you mama"
He melts me... and he is totally spoiled but I can't help it.

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