Monday, March 2, 2015

Ikey Turned 2

Im not good at birthdays. I hate them. I love them... but I hate them. I love them because they are fun and my kids get to feel excited and extra special for a day or 2 but I hate them because it means they are growing up, becoming independent and eventually one day... they will leave me! Such a vicious cycle.
We celebrated Isaacs birthday last Sunday (the 22nd) He's two. How did this happen? I feel like he is slipping through my fingers. Im trying to keep him a baby... I in no way encourage him to talk, I still give him a pacifier when he is going to sleep and I even rock him to sleep on rare occasions. (Ok, the part about me not encouraging him to talk is untrue. I definitely do encourage him but I don't push it as hard with him as I did the other two. Plus he has two older siblings that do 90% of his talking for him) He is much more of a baby than my other two were at this age and Im totally ok with it. I hope he stays baby for a long long time.
He is, however, growing more independent despite my best efforts. He is bossy and loud and a little mean...
He is a biter, a pincher, a scratcher and a hitter. And his sibling honestly love him enough that they just take it.... Im not sure how to remedy this situation.
He isn't afraid to get in your face and tell you off if you do something he deems as incorrect. The kid has no fear when it comes to sassing. Sometimes I fear for his life when that sass gets directed toward his father.
He is THE BIGGEST TEASE. I honestly have never seen anything like it. He taunts his siblings until they scream, the dog until she tackles him and me until I want to pull my own hair out... but I usually just end up laughing cause I can't stay irritated with him when he starts giggling. He really is funny though and when he gets in a silly mood he gets the entire family laughing uncontrollably.
He is sweet. He is like those Sour Patch commercials where the Sour Patch Kids do something awful and then immediately follow with something sweet. He is the worst of the worst and the sweetest of the sweet. He cuddles and hugs and kisses and loves.
A few days ago I was distracted with something (as usual) and he was jabbering at me. I was only half listening and answering with the typical "uh huh." "oh" "wow" that you do when you want your kid to think you are listening to them. He was getting louder and louder and more persistent until he finally grabbed my face, touched his forehead to mine and yelled "I LUH YOU!" .... Im the worst. I finally responded "I love you too!!!" and he turned and ran off. Im lucky he is persistent enough to break through my distractions and all the things that I feel like Im so "busy" with.
He was absolutely spoiled for his birthday. Gifts from Grandma's and Grandpa's, bother and sister and of course mom and dad. He loved ripping the paper but was a bit of a neat freak and wouldn't drop it on the ground. He would rip a little piece off, run over and hand it to Andrew and then go back for another. Needless to say, it took a little time to open presents but I didn't have a mess to clean up after!

I feel like this post is a mess. I didn't really think it through before I started typing and I ended up just rambling. But the moral of the story is this.... I adore this kid. Our family practically worships the ground he walks on. Im so grateful for the love and the laughter and the joy he brings to our home and I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for sending him to us!
Happy Birthday Ike Renzo baby! We LOVE YOU!

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