Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Utah Part 2... Again

So when Andrew had to head back to Illinois after his pre-op appointment I did something I have never done before... It was scary (not a joke. I was terrified) I left my kids for the first time ever and went out of town by myself. WHAT?!! Crazy right?! Its silly how nervous I was about it but that was a big step for me.
Im glad I took the plunge though because I got to spend a few days with one of my oldest and best friends and I even got so sleep uninterrupted for like 8 hours straight! Amazing right?! I also got to go to Zions for the first time where we hiked Angels Landing. SO. FUN.

Neither of us were very prepared for the hike and we didn't have a backpack to carry the water so we stopped by the local walmart and purchased the cheapest one we could find... which just happened to be a Hello Kitty back pack. Don't judge

 Don't be jealous of our creative panoramic pictures

After the day at Zions we mostly just chilled. We went and saw the Temple, explored a local reservoir, went to a farmers market and a car show, and ate lots and lots and LOTS of really unhealthy food. (We didn't cook the entire time we were there. It was totally disgusting and awesome at the same time)

Aubrey also talked me in to getting my nails did.... It was awful. All joking aside I had a slight panic attack while trying to pick a color (it took me over 15 minutes to decide) It was a BIG decision! We got the stupid gel nails and I knew they were going to be on there forever! And I don't do color on the finger nails. It drives me crazy. I tried to stay as close to my comfort zone as possible and pick a really mellow silvery color but Aubrey demanded I do something more colorful. I finally settled for a peachy orange color.
That was hands down the most stressful and exhausting part of the trip.
So fun. Hopefully we can do it again one day.

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  1. You are so brave and I am so jealous! Uninterrupted sleep sounds heavenly. i also agree with you on the nails. Chris's mom took me once and it was the worst experience of my life. Joking, but not really.