Friday, February 20, 2015

Im at that point again.. you know the one where I haven't blogged in ages and have so much to catch up on that I don't want to do any of it? SO here is another post of a million pics of the things I have been slacking to write about and maybe a few words to explain them.

It snowed a little....

 and by that I mean it snowed almost 2 feet.... and we haven't seen the ground since.

Initially it was super duper fun! The weather warmed up with the storm and and we had a few days that we actually got to play outside!

 as you can see Ike LOVED it!!

 However, the warm weather (and by warm I mean about 30 degrees) only lasted a few days. Now its freezing again and too stinking cold to go out.

 and we are bored...

AnDee dressed up as Pep and Pep dressed up as AnDee. The good news about this little adventure is that I discovered that Peps pants make SUPER cure capris for The Girl.

Ikey got a rad hipster haircut.

Bernie grew a little..

 I got to take AnDee on a date.
This was much needed and way too fun. She chose to eat at Ihop because she said she had been "dreaming of pancakes" ... she ordered mac and cheese. While we were eating she was talking about Utah and cousins and all the things she misses. I asked her "what is a cousin?" and her reply was "Cousins are just like your VERY best friends!" Made my heart melt. I never really had cousins that I knew. Im so grateful that my kids love theirs so much. Then after dinner we were walking to the car and she stared in through the windows and said in a very swooney-like way... " That really is a fancy place isn't it?"
The conversation with this girl was fabulous.  At one point she asked why Heavenly Father made soda pop if it isn't good for us. So I asked her "What do you think?" and before I even got it out she interrupted with "OHHHH! I know! I think he did it so that we could learn NOT to drink it. So we can make a good choice!" I was a little taken back by this. It was such a simple way to look at it but I don't think I even processed this concept until I was an adult.
Then as we were walking from store to store "shopping" (window shopping?) She was skipping and bouncing and hopping all over, like she usually does and she grabbed my hand and looked up at me and said. "Mom? Sometimes when I don't play enough my legs get REALLY springy and I just can't stop bouncing!"
Such a fun night!

Isaac really really likes belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... he does.... I think...

We have kind of started a tradition for Valentines Day where we make a treat and some Valentines gifts and take them to Andrews work to pass them out to everyone. The kids LOVE it and its so nice to just get out and do something new.
 This one is my favorite from this year.  I make AnDee sound out everything when she is spelling instead of telling her how to spell it... its super cute.

I kind of hate Valentines Day. Its fun with kids but the actual holiday is pretty stupid. However... I pretty much nailed it with Andrews gift this year.

 That right... I made bacon roses. And it was cool.
And there you have it. Im done. Maybe Ill do better next month??? Maybe.

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