Thursday, October 23, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

When Ike gets out of the tub and takes off naked running around the house. We have a few of those hooded towels for the kids. We have a ladybug, a tiger and a shark. Ike really couldn't care less which one he gets but every time he gets out of the tub he waits just long enough for me to put the hood on his head and then he lets out a little giggle and takes off running. It then, of course, turns in to a big very giggly game of chase. Its adorable and if I wasn't afraid of him peeing on my carpet Id probably just let him run around like that all day every day.

When Pep is trying not to laugh but the laughter bursts out anyway. Pep doesn't like people to know he can be happy. He has a consent poker face. But sometimes... he just can't contain it. Its like when you are in church or in the middle of a prayer and you know its totally inappropriate to laugh so you hold it in and it just makes it more funny until finally you can't hold it in anymore and the laughter just erupts from you making it so much worse than it would have been if you could have just quietly giggled. The best part about all of this is that his laugh is completely and totally contagious. The. Best. Laugh. Not kidding. It melts me.

When AnDee happy-sings. AnDee does a lot of emotional singing. She sad-sings. She happy-sings. She angry-sings. She lonely-sings. I enjoy and/or laugh at all of her emotional singing but her happy-singing is the best because you can't help but feel the happiness too. She will spread her arms out wide with her palms pointed to the sky and she will spin a big circle and say something like "This is the best day ever!!!" and then the magic happens. She bursts in to the sweetest most positive and uplifting lyrics anyone has ever heard. Some times its sweet and princess like and other times it is rockin' booty shaking kind of music but whatever it is, its always adorable.

When one of the kids come in to our bed in the middle of the night and instead of getting angry and frustrated (like I do) Andrew scoops them up in his arms and holds them. He will stay this way all night. He never asks them to move or makes them go back to their beds. No matter how uncomfortable he might be, he toughs it out and my kids have no doubts about coming to their dad when they need a little comfort.

These things, among many others, make my days happy lately.

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