Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Visitors

We are loving the amount of visitors we have had lately. If any of you would like to visit we would be more than happy to welcome you and show you a good time.
We consider all of our visitors special but this time we had an extra special one. We got to see Uncle Stevie for the first time in over 2 years! This was Ike's first time meeting Stevie and I was honestly astounded by how quickly they became best buds. Ike is usually a little standoffish. Like with Grandpa for instance... he wouldn't have a thing to do with him until the last day they were here and I wouldn't call their interactions overly friendly at that point either. Mostly Ike just didn't cry when grandpa talked to him. But with Stevie he was like this from day one...
 As apposed to this photo of him with Grandpa on day 5...
Poor AnDee was forced to go to school while they were here but that did mean that we all got to take walks together to pick her up. The look on her face when she walked out to see them all waiting for her was priceless.
 Pep got to show off his "wilderness" peeing skills on one of those walks.

We took them to eat at our favorite restaurant in downtown Naperville and took them to see the bell tower and the river walk and our favorite big tree.

We took them to Starved Rock which was AMAZING this time of year. I have never seen fall colors like that. The trees here turn this amazing bright red/pink color. Incredible.

 And while Andrew and Ike looked like this (yes. they really did sleep like that in the middle of a hiking trial... for an hour.)
 We all hiked through the leaves and gathered acorns

And of course we took them on the train to the city. This time we took them to the Field Museum, Millennium Park and of course to get pizza at Lou Malnati's. It was a bit chilly and we did a TON of walking but it was good fun and the company was great.

Its always hard to say goodbye but we are always so happy to have family and friend here. We sure miss hanging out with these awesome people on a daily basis.

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