Friday, October 3, 2014

The Dentist and other fun things

We have been to the dentist too many times lately. Pep had his very first visit and did amazing. He is such a patient little guy and AnDee and I both had some work done, which gave us awesome smiles.

Pep discovered his calling in life...
Ive never seen a kid who enjoys vacuuming quite like he does.
I found a neat friend while running the other day...
AnDee and I got to go volunteer at Feed My Starving Children (basically you package food to send to people who don't have it) And now she is determined to find a way to feed the whole world.
Pep found AnDee's old cleats and shin guards and has been wearing them all day everyday for a while now.
And this is my view of changing Isaac's diaper lately. The kid WILL NOT hold still! Drives me crazy!!

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