Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloweeny Stuff

We kicked things off this year with pumpkin carving with the missionaries! Im sure they LOVED every minute of it. Hehe. The kids sure did though.
Unfortunately I got approximately zero pics of the finished products but we went old school this year with the good old Jack-O-Lantern style. Except Andrew "helped" Ike do a pretty sweet witches hat.

Next up was our ward trunk or treat. The kids loved it and all the the attention they got. Ike caught on to the trick or treating thing pretty quick. He would run up, yell something that sounded vaguely like "trick or treat" and hold out his hand. Once candy was placed in his had he would do a little dance, put it in his bag and say "dee do" (which obviously means "thank you") and give a little wave and then he was off to the next car!
The older kids in the ward wiped out our candy pretty quickly but it ended up being Okay cause after our kids made their round they quietly climbed in the car and got their buckles on and waited patiently for mom and dad to be ready. (Im sure the candy had NOTHING to do with their patience.)

Next up we went to AnDee's school to watch the Kindergarten Halloween parade. It was FREEZING and the parade lasted about 10 seconds but it was worth it cause she was SO excited to see us there!

This is a shot of her make up. In AnDee's world this is by far the most important part so we of course had to have a picture of it.

Last but not least we took the kids out on Halloween night to trick or treat.... at the outlets... because we don't know anyone around here and going to the people in our ward would be far more driving than it would be worth.
The outlets were actually quite perfect though. We stayed decently warm and got a ton of candy. Not to mention that the Disney outlet was so awesome with the kids. They took individual time with each kid to make a Mickey or Minnie Halloween crown and then gave them a whole snack bag.
Before we left our house to go to the outlets AnDee had taken a note pad and had written "Happy Halloween" (to the best of her ability) on about 20 of pages. As she received candy she said thank you by giving everyone  one of her happy Halloween cards. It was super cute and super funny to see the reactions of some of the people. Some thought it was the cutest thing ever and told her they would cherish is forever. Others looked slightly disgusted as they hesitantly took the crinkled little paper from her and others looked completely confused and occasionally some even refused them. It didn't deter her though. Im pretty sure she was far more happy about handing those little papers out than she was about getting candy.

This is the only pic we got of the evening. We suck at picture taking.

The next day we got to "join in" on the Cowley cousin Halloween party via FaceTime. I thought this was going to be hard on the kids to see their cousins all having fun at Nana's house without them but it had quite the opposite effect. They got to talk to all of their cousins (that were in attendance) and got to see everyones costumes. I think they were on the computer for over 2 hours. Somehow they even managed to play games like hide and seek over FaceTime. It was fantastic and they were so so happy. We are SO grateful for the crazy technology that exists these days.

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