Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Pics, Good Times

I was looking through our pictures from our trip to Africa and found a couple that made me giggle.

Probably the closest thing to paradise that I have ever seen. The pictures dont do it justice by any means.
While on the island of Zanzibar we decided we were going to go swimming with dolphins. This isnt like the crap in Florida where they stick you in a pool with life jackets on and send a trainer and a dolphin out to entertain you for a couple hundred bucks (ok I actually have no idea how much it costs) This is... A few Africans who barely speak english take you out on a boat that they have a young kid sitting in the back of with a bucket constantly throwing large amounts of water out of the boat so that you dont sink. When they find a dolphin pod, they all but throw you in the water and scream at you to "look down, look down!" (Chantal + never even snorkeled before + crazy africans throwing her into the ocean = sufficiently scared outta her mind)
I will admit, aside from the fact that my husband was literally almost killed by another boat, it was absolutely amazing! Even if it was one of the most terrifying things I have ever been thrown in to. And all for about... $15. I heart Africa.
Before our journey started we were dropped off at a little shack on the beach, where they, oh so kindly, threw some very used and slightly scummy snorkel gear at us. Then a kid (who was apparently going to be our guide) threw the boat engine over his shoulder... yes the engine. They kept it in the shed. Im assuming to keep it from being stolen?... and told us to follow him. On our way down to the water we passed this sign.

and when we got on our extremely safe and apparently very well cared for boat to begin our EXCUSSION we found this painted on it... remember we are in Africa!!! 

This is the nice young man who spent his time shoveling out the water so we didnt die in the middle of the Indian Ocean...

So there it is... All it takes is a little trust in God, a boy with a bucket and some true bravery and you have got one enjoyable excussion!!!


  1. this is one of the best stories i have ever heard! hahaha you are very brave my friend :)

  2. LOL! Awesome! I want to go to Africa

  3. I'm so glad you went over when you did! I wish Eddie and I were a little more adventurous when we were your age. Some day I hope to go to wild places, before the hip or brain goes out :)