Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekends are a blessing and a curse

Oh long weekends! How I love them! An extra day with my wonderful husband is always greatly anticipated and a true blessing. Why a curse? Because they end, and when they end it makes it that much harder to go back to the norm. It was a good weekend regardless. We kicked it off on friday with a trip to the Splash Pad in Highland. If you haven't heard of this place and you have small kids and live in the area.... I highly recommend it. Buggy had a BLAST. Even though it was a little chilly and she was shivering. she is one tough cookie.

Saturday wasn't quite as fun. Both AnDee and I were sick and spent the entire night awake and miserable.(a possible result of the shivering at the Splash Pad?)
Yesterday we made a trip up the canyon with Dad and David. And even though they ditched us to go ride there bikes (motorcycles) and then had the audacity to ask us to drive for an extra hour to pick them up at the end of the trail, we made the best of it and tried our best to enjoy the mountains.... along with the other 3 million people that were up there that day. Buggy even got to play in the "wa-ee" (water) at the lake for a while. All in all... a good time. Now... its tuesday and Im back to cleaning and all that really enjoyable stuff. Lame

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  1. You have the cutest kid! I've heard the Splash Pad is awesome! and I miss the mountains :)