Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been freed. My facebook account no longer exists! Can I just tell you how liberated I feel?! I have been wanting and threatening to do it for quite some time but as of yesterday, Im a free woman! If you have ever considered doing this... I highly recommend it. Its just one less thing to take up my time. now I can fill that time with...
Im so pathetic. But if Im being honest I really stink at this blogging thing. I have no idea how it all works. Like adding people and putting up cool backgrounds (Which I tried, unsuccessfully to do for about and hour yesterday) not to mention the fact that I have a crappy camera which equals crappy pictures. I dont even know blogging etiquette. I mean... is it ok to blog more that once a day? Can you comment on your own posts? Im so lost in this blogging world! HELP?


  1. My favorite blogs throw any type of blogging etiquette out the window. ;) I say its your blog, do what you want with it!!

  2. wow. good for you. i really hate the facebook thing too. which is why i really don't do much with it.

    blogging--big fan. I'm not a great blogger but i agree with kira. there is no right or wrong. just do whatever you can with whatever time you have. and some times a pic is great with no typing and other times (much easier for me) just don't even worry about the pics!! just write a little jot.