Friday, October 1, 2010

Decisions, decisions

what are you and/or your children being for halloween? I have the hardest time every year deciding this and now that I have a kid its even harder.
here are a few options I have thought of. Please give me your input.
The Flintstones.
AnDee of course as Pebbles
Me as Wilma
Andrew as Fred
Not my favorite idea but I do have a Wilma costume so....
The Lollipop kids
Seeing Andrew dressed up like a munchkin would put a smile on anyones face.
Willy Wonka and oompa loompas
AnDee as Wonka
Andrew and I as oompa loompas
genius? yes. Am I willing to figure out the costumes?? not so sure...
All three of us... complete with bed sheets.
The Lion, scarecrow and tin man
AnDee as the lion
Andrew and I could take our pick of the other two. again... not sure about the costumes...

Thoughts please?

P.S. We got back from Lake Powell earlier this weak. Ill post pics as soon as I can find the stinking cord to the camera.


  1. I'm a fan of the lollipop kids...just 'cause it make me laugh. If you do it post pictures though. And a video of Andrew doing the dance and song :)

  2. yes lollipop kids is my vote too!