Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Time!

We decided to paint pumpkins this year in stead of carving. We figured a paintbrush would be a lot more safe in the hands of AnDee than a knife.
This is how it started....
And yes, she is still sporting the remains of a black eye.

Then she got a little more serious but was still being a girl about it....

Then she really started digging in....

And this is how it ended up...

You should have seen the bath tub. Not the most fun to clean up. Ill try to get some after pictures of every ones pumpkins (Andrews is a real gem) and this time Ill put some clothes on my kid before I start taking pictures.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I love it! She's definitely your kid ;)

  2. We painted our pumkin! too I hope you doing swell!