Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Rest of Our Summer

So after we got home from Utah we got to hang out with dad for a few weeks. He initially tried to go back to work a few days after we got home but they sent him home and told him he couldn't come back... and who is going to argue with that??
So we took advantage of our extra dad time and played a little. We made a trip to the zoo (which is pretty much a weekly thing for us but with dad its better)

If you ever get the chance to get passes to a zoo that isn't very far from you, I highly suggest it. We have explored so many nooks and crannies of our zoo that we never would have if we didn't have passes. Having passes really allows you to slow down and see all the little things... and the little things have turned in to our favorite things. It also allows you to just play while you're there.

 and to make friends with the local peacocks...
 He was literally eating out of our hands..

We spent a day at the Indiana dunes and it was THE COOLEST!

 For those of you who (like me prior to moving here) don't know what "The Dunes" are, its basically just a bunch of giant sand dunes on the beach of Lake Michigan. I dare say this beach rivals most beaches Ive been to in California.

We also took a day and went in to the city. We stopped at this ridiculous giant McDonalds for lunch and then spent a few hours on the Magnificent Mile where we saw the American Girl Doll store (crazy. just crazy) and the Lego store!! 

Then we headed to the other side of town where we went to the Maggie Daley park....

I honestly have never seen anything like this park. It was hands down the COOLEST park I have ever had the pleasure to observe. The best part about it was that we were there on a school day and it had stopped raining just a few minutes before we got there so the park was essentially empty. My kids had free rain of the entire gigantic place! They had wet bums from the rain on the slides but it was totally worth it.

After the park we walked across the street and spent a few minutes at The Art Institute (yes... wet bums and all... we are very classy) We didn't spend an overwhelming amount of time there because... well because three kids but it was very cool and Id love to go back one day without the kids so I can spend more time.

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