Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Years

I don't make resolutions. Like I never really have. I tend to really suck at achieving goals so I try my best not to announce them to anyone, that way I don't feel so dumb when I don't follow through. This year, however, Im going out on a limb, putting myself out there and telling anyone who might stumble upon this blog what my (one and only) New Years resolution is.... Its this blog. Im going to regularly (oh heaven help me) post on this blog. My goal is once a week but Im going to go ahead and give myself a little allowance and say at least 2 times a month. I know what you are thinking... its already the end of January. You are completely correct. I am failing already. I have a legitimate excuse I swear. But Im not gonna get into that right now. ;)
With all that said... I have sucked at the blog the last year. I have so much catching up to do that it completely overwhelms me. As a result, Im not... not going to catch up that is. Im going to take all the photos Ive missed posting (which aren't many cause Ive sucked at picture taking too) and Im going to throw them up on this here post. If you are lucky, you might get a brief explanation. If not, deal with it and just enjoy the viewing pleasure.

We went to the coolest park in Aurora (Illinois) We got to do free train rides, pony rides, hay rides, paddle boats... it was just a good time in general.

Tree climbing obsession. (notice how two of the three don't have shoes on?)

Remember how we moved back to Utah? The kids got to take turns riding in the moving truck. Pretty sure it was the best thing that ever happened to them.

As soon as we got to Utah, AnDee went right to works selling cornstalks in order to earn money for her club house.

We also went right to work helping Gayle harvest her garden and get her yard ready for winter.

 Ike learned how to use a leaf blower.

Halloween... Im so proud of my little Christmas tree. Coolest Halloween costume ever.

Both AnDee and Pep have worked really hard to learn how to cross there eyes. Sadly I have no photographic evidence of Pep... Ill have to get on top of that.

We got to sneak up the canyon a few times before we got too much snow.

Our kids built this bridge. Not kidding. We gave them the supplies and they just went for it.
In between yard work and trips up the canyon, we occasionally got cleaned up. (complete with starters bowties)

Uncle Jake got married. If you are lucky I might find some more pics of the wedding and post them later, but for now this is all you get. 3 generations and Ike is really happy about all the picture taking.

We had to say goodbye to an old friend. It was completely heartbreaking. I don't want to talk about it.

We brought in a new friend who has become Andrew's best bud. His name is Beefcake and he smells really bad.

 We had Thanksgiving at Uncle Phil's house and the ENTIRE family was there for a minute.

We rocked the gingerbread house thing this year and made this wicked cool pretzel cabin.

I took a bunch of pics of Christmas morning and not a single one turned out. ALL of them were blurry. Im still mad. We did get a few pics of Uncle Caleb running the sleds behind the 4-wheeler. There is no question why Uncle Caleb is hands down the favorite Uncle. They spent HOURS out there while the rest of us lazy parents hid in the warm house.

We went to St. George for a few days and enjoyed being outside snow-free.

 Yes. He has a leash on him.

We have been practicing our old school type writer skills/boxing skills.

Lastly, Andrew and I went snow shoeing last week. It was seriously SO fun. Poor Bernie turned in to a snowball but she didn't seem to mind.
Ok... So... See you next week?

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