Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So.... heres some news... Andrew had his surgery! Crazy right?! It finally happened in August and Andrew is doing fantastic! It has already done so much for him. Im SO excited for him and to see the changes as he recovers.

The whole family got to go out with him to Utah for the surgery (thanks to Papa who wouldn't  even hear about us staying behind)  Sadly (or as usual??) I didn't get many pictures but as always, my kids were in cousin heaven and thought the entire thing was a big party.

The kids missed their dad like crazy for the couple of days he was in the hospital and were really worried about him. Pep couldn't have been more happy about getting to snuggle with him during his visits.  Luckily he only had to stay a few days and then he got to come back to Nana's house with us.
 We got to spend some good quality time with the cousins before their school year started and of course we had to take a trip up to the crystal pits.

  Thats its... those are all the pics I got from our two week trip to Utah. And this one of Pep getting snuggled up on the plane for the ride home. My kids are amazing on airplanes. I love them for it.

 And this is what the girl looked like for days after we got home. She missed her puppy a lot.

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