Thursday, June 11, 2015


(One day Ike is going to grow up and read this post and he is going to hate me for it but this is our family journal so he can just deal with it.)
Ike had an undescended testicle that we have been keeping an eye on since birth. We were really hopeful that it would move down on his own but it obviously didn't. Last week we took him in to have it surgically moved down. Turns out the testicle was extremely unhealthy so they removed to to avoid potential cancer later in life.
The process was nerve racking. It was an outpatient procedure and really not that big of a deal in terms of surgery but as a parent it is so hard to send your baby off to be cut open.
When they came in to talk to us about how things would go down they asked if I thought he would be ok separating from us. I didn't even hesitate to tell them no. He was going to flip. He was already scared and clingy. So they suggested we give him a little bit of what they called "I don't care medicine" to help him relax and not get so worked up. "I don't care medicine" makes babies do really funny things. I have never seen a toddler act like he was completely wasted but thats exactly how it was. He was SO out of it. His head was flopping around, he was all smiles and I couldn't stop laughing. At one point his head flopped over and he found Andrews finger right in front of his mouth so naturally he bit it. But this was no small bite. He latched on and wouldn't let go. Andrew had to pry his jaw open which revealed deep teeth marks surrounding some very purple skin. Ike saw what he had done and apologized by licking it better. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
While it was hilarious to watch, it was slightly heartbreaking at the same time. It was like his eyes just went right through us. Like he wasn't actually there. No baby should ever get drunk. Its not ok.
The surgery went fairly quickly and much sooner than I expected, I was called back to talk to the doctor. This made me panic for a minute, thinking something had gone wrong. The doctor came in to tell me that the surgery was so quick because they had to remove the testicle, rather than moving it down. He went on to tell me what we should expect for the future in this situation.... but all I could hear was my baby crying down the hall!!  I tried so hard to focus on what he was telling me but Isaac had woke up in recovery and had panicked when he couldn't find a single familiar face and saw that there was a needle in his foot (IV) The Doctor chatted and chatted while Ike screamed and I sat on the edge of my seat ready to bolt.
All is well though. When I got to him he calmed right down and once his vitals proved to be stable they let us go home. He was pretty sore and SO tired that first day but by the next day he was practically back to normal.
It wasn't the funnest process but Im glad its finally over and we don't have to worry about it anymore.

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  1. Liam had a hydrocele in his testicle when he was about 2 and had to go into surgery. It was scary. And I hated it. I'm sorry your doctor was a chatter. Sometimes doctors are lame. :)