Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Time

Its been warm. Not hot, but warm. That being said it has been rainy... really really rainy and muggy. We maybe get to see the sun twice a week (If we are lucky) and it has been this way since May. I love the sun. I miss the sun. Come back sun!!
The warm weather makes things fun though and the lightning bugs are starting to show their little glowing rear ends (on the occasional evening that its not raining)
Sometimes we go outside and if it hasn't been raining too hard there will be dry spots under the trees where we can color with sidewalk chalk!

We have had some fun adventures...
We went to this awesome trout farm that is just down the road from us (who knew?!) and had a blast playing in the overflowing water that Im pretty sure we weren't supposed to be playing in.

We got passes to the zoo and have been a few times and Im sure we will be regulars there from here on out.

We also got swimming passes and my kids are in heaven! (sorry, no pics)

We went to the Chicago Rib Fest and rode on nasty carnival rides and ate some pretty darn delicious food.

I find Ike like this quite often....

Little booger won't keep his clothes on (or stay off the counters) Im sure my neighbors love seeing his nakedness running around the back yard.

Last but not least, yesterday was Fathers Day. AnDee made her Daddy breakfast in bed that consisted of scrambled eggs and a half dead dandelion. They all carried it up to him together. AnDee carried the eggs and "flowers", Pep carried Dad's favorite hot sauce and Ikey carried the fork... and a baby spoon... which he forced Andrew to use.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing Dad. He is so much fun and such a great example to the kids. Im so grateful I have him here to support me and tame my crazy every day. I would fail at life and especially parenting if he wasn't here to keep me going.

We are also SO blessed to have this guy in our lives...

I can't even post a pic of him without tearing up. I miss him terribly. He is such a rock and honestly, truly is just an amazing human being. God gave me the best.

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