Thursday, June 11, 2015

Infections, Haircuts and Other Stuffs?

Im really horrible at blogging lately. Id like to make a commitment to be better at it from now on but I am not ready to commit to that and so I won't. And for the few of you that follow this blog... you get to continue seeing my giant posts with random pictures and stories thrown in. Its awful I know, but Im not in a place mentally to commit more to this blog than I already am. Sorry?
 We have had lots of adventures in the last couple of months. AnDee got a wicked cool eye infection...
It was only cool because it didn't hurt her and it didn't spread to anyone else. It just looked really creepy.
She also found her way to the top of the tree in our back yard. (This is now an every day assurance for both Buggy and Pep but the tree has leaves now so I can just pretend it isn't happening)
The boys got hair cuts

 Which Pep HATED because he is uber self conscious about his hair and in his mind, if you have any hair on any part of your head that isn't laying completely flat to your head, it looks weird. In reality.... when his hair is how he wants it, he looks like a Poindexter but I love him anyway and even go out in public with him sometimes.

Even Bernadette got a hair cut.
(she looked like an idiot. We shaved it all off a few days later)

We have done lots and lots of fun home school things and have even met quite a few other kids who home school. Some of them are even mormon which is kinda nice.
  We went with a local homeschool group to the prairie reserve and did a scavenger hunt. Super fun and so pretty.

The kids love to "workout" with me in the mornings. Ike and Pep are very manly and spend most of their time working the heavy bag.
I realize that the following pic is very poor quality but do you see Pep in the background? Cracks me up. I couldn't bare to delete it.

I caught Ike watching Billy Madison on the iPad (Im ashamed to admit that he gets his taste in movies from me)

And we took all 3 of them to the theater for the first time to see Avengers. It was big hit and Ike even sat quietly (as long as he had his bank) through the whole thing!

We have had SO much rain this spring/early summer. Its funny because when it rains in Utah it generally means that the temperature has dropped and its a little chilly. My kids still haven't got used to this and so every time it storms they tell me they can't go out cause its too cold. Thats not how it is in Illinois. It can be raining buckets full and still be 95 degrees. It makes for a lot of humidity but it sure is fun to play in.

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  1. I had so many different comments but as soon as I saw Ike watching Billy Madison I forgot them all and the only thing I can say is, that is awesome!