Tuesday, May 5, 2015

St. George

We spent 5 weekends in Utah. I spent 4 out of the 5 in St. George and my kids spent 3 of the 5. We couldn't get enough. We got to spend one weekend with Dad and Dave. One with Grandma and Grandpa Naugle, Sam and Amy and their kids, and Stevie. And one with Aunt Amber and her kids.
Serious SO. FUN.
I have about 200 pics from these St. George trips, I tried to narrow it down but I still have an extreme amount. I apologize in advance.
 Dad and Buggy on the red rock..
Dad and Ikey..
 Pep and Dave.
 We did a lot of hiking in the perfect weather and picked up a few friends along the way...

This was our first friend, his name was Jolly.

 Jolly went on lots of adventure with us and Pep literally cried when he decided to part from us. (he didn't die. Just escaped)

 Our next friend was this guy...
 (Pretty sure everyone in this particular park that morning thought I was totally crazy. So what if Im 30 and standing in the middle of a pond trying to catch frogs?)
 He didn't stay with us long though, we had to put him back in his pond so that he wouldn't shrivel up and die in the St. George heat.
 AnDee got to go with me and Grandma Pam to get her very first pedicure! She was unbelievably happy about this and could not stop giggling.
 Cousin tub pic (AKA: Blackmail)
 One of our absolute favorite spots was the river. Its perfect for little ones. Its warm and shallow and no one else was ever there. We spent lots and lots of time just splashing and playing in the river.

 This occurred for the very first time ever.... all three kids sleeping on Mama's lap.

We visited this place a couple of times. It was super cool. It was actually on an Indian reservation and they had all sorts of traditional dwellings that you could go in and info on what tribes lived in them and how they were built. Like I said, super cool

 He does make a really cute little Indian maiden doesn't he?..
 Pep is a booger...
 We caught lots of caterpillars and Aubree really wanted to be a part of every picture. (I couldn't stop laughing. She was jumping in every picture she possibly could.)

 These 3 became really good buds. Ike has been having Gracie withdrawals lately.
 Again.. Pep is a booger... however the Warbird Museum was SO COOL! We loved it. Until Pep wouldn't pose for a pic and the old man threatened to take his pamphlet away if he didn't smile.
  Again at the river... this time Ikey decided to bathe in the sand and I had to baptize him to get it out. Which he really really loved! (thats a lie. He screamed the whole time)
Side Note: My parents gave Ike an alter ego name (Larry) while we were in Utah. Ike likes to turn in to the devil at random moments throughout the day. One minute he is Ike (angel) and one minute he is Larry (the devil) When he turns in to Larry he does things like screaming, biting, pinching and eating copious amounts of things (dirt, sand, rocks) that he shouldn't be. When we were in St. George with Andrew's family we went to a lake and I spent the entire time trying to get Larry to quit eating dirt and drinking really really nasty lake water. That night as Ike was falling asleep he was jabbering to himself and this is what I hear "Ew! Dirty water! I LIKE dirty water!! I DRINK dirty water!!"
Larry is going to be the end of me...
  On our last night there, Amber and I were even brave enough to take all 8 kids out to eat! It wasn't nearly as big of a disaster as I had imagined it being.
 This girl right here is THE BEST.  Seriously... I can't wait until she is old enough for me to fly her out here in the summers to play with us. My kids adore her and she is the best little babysitter.

St. George was most definitely a highlight of this trip.

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