Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We ADORE Aunt Gayle. Like... she may or may not be our favorite person ever. My children spent more time at Gayle's house than anywhere else while on this trip. Not joking, every day, the second they woke up they were asking to go to Gayle's. Im really good mom too cause I totally let them.
 7:30 A.M.??? Ok... go on over to Gayle's. Im sure she LOVED it. ;)

 If you know Gayle though, you know that she actually really did love it. She cherishes every minute she gets with my kids and I love her for it. I never ever have any doubt when I send my kids over that she will be happy and enthusiastic about having them. And she is just too much fun. She does all the stuff with them that I am too lazy to do. She lets them make cupcakes in her kitchen (and when I say "she lets THEM" she really does. She reads the instructions to them and lets them dig in.) She dyes eggs with them and gives them rides on the four-wheelers and lets them trample through her garden "planting" and "watering" She lets them paint and she takes them for walks. She. Is. Amazing. We are So lucky to have her in our lives.

She even took us to her friends house to see baby goats (that we got to bottle feed!) and feed the horses and the chickens and run like mad in her GIANT hay barn.

Gayle is simply the best. Enough said. No words could ever express our feelings about her.

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