Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catching up is Hard to do.

I hate catching up on blog posts! HATE IT!

However I love how cute this picture is...
 We had lots and lots and lots of cousin time (which is hands down our favorite way to spend time) And I have lots and lots of pictures to prove it. However these are ones that just didn't seem to fit in any of my other posts so they are getting their own. The pic above is of a monumental moment. AnDee's first sleep over at her cousin Felicity's house. She was a champ! She did all the things little girls are supposed to do during sleep overs including dressing up, putting on make-up, watching movies and staying up late giggling and giggling. And despite her mothers fear of a middle-of-the-night-call. She slept all night without a problem. I love that she is getting so brave and independant... I also hate it with every fiber of my being.

We went to the children museum at Thanksgiving Point with Aunt Amber and Brigs and Grace. Too fun.

The kids also had a blast with Papa in the yard cause Papa caught them way to many snakes. Pep would play with them for hours (and maybe, possibly killed a few as a result) At one point he found a spider whilst playing with the snake. I told him that those kind of snakes eat spiders.... My mistake. He then became determined to make the snake eat his little snack friend and repeatedly shoved the snakes head into the spider. It was gross and so so wrong. Boys are weird.

 We spent endless amounts of time swinging (with cousins) at Gayle's house. The hammock and the swing are always a big hit.

 We also got a special visit from second cousins... or third... or something. The kicker is that Easton (Ike's friend in the car with him) Is 4... and Ike is 2.... and Ike is a giant and Easton is a midget. They sure had fun together though. They got to ride horses (which I got zero pictures of) and jump on the tramp and ran like crazies all over the place. It was just a good time in general.

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