Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on the Kiddos

Pep's tooth had its neighbor come in! Wahoo! Now he officially has two teeth with which to chew delicious foods. He has learned a couple new tricks in the last few days. He is a clapper now and he loves to give bonks (head butts). He loves to tease his sister but he puts up with a lot from her so I don't blame him. He hates being fed by anyone but himself so this is what I have resorted to..

I take his baby food and freeze it in little dots. That way he can feed himself.

AnDee is growing like a crazy lady. She has grown a half an inch in the last 3 weeks which makes her officially over 3 feet tall... 3 feet and a half an inch to be exact. She is loving her gymnastics class twice a week and has really gotten in to the reading thing lately. Her Dad spoiled her on Valentines and got her a balance bike. (for you moms with little ones out there that haven't heard of them, you need to look in to them. they really work) She is as funny and sassy as always. Last night we were all in the car and Andrew and I were arguing (It was honestly a very playful argue... I promise) but she was having none of it. "Guys! you need to be nice to each other!" She said. She is really good at keeping EVERYONE in line.... even strangers.


  1. Wow that freezing baby food is brilliant! Really.

  2. seriously brilliant. I just grab a picture of baby food off the web and then pinned it with your freezing droplets/finger sized balls. AWESOME! Hope you don't mind.

    p.s I would have pinned just from here and used your picture...but honestly, it doesn't look like baby food and I didn't want people to be confused. :) love ya though!