Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something a little more fun

When AnDee put her valentines cards together I handed her the little cards and told her to sign them... thinking Id get a bunch of scribbles. Instead I got this...

She makes me smile.

Last night I left the kids with Andrew while I went to play soccer. A few minutes after I left Andrew oh so kindly texted me a video of Pep. He was sitting, staring at the door and crying. Apparently  when I left he crawled to the door and banged on it a few times. When he realized I wasn't coming back he just sat and stared... and cried. I feel like this act of kindness from Andrew was SO NOT FAIR. I don't leave my kids very often but I may never leave them again after that. ;)
Pep has taken up t.v. watching lately...

I know... Im a bad mom... but its Signing Time... its educational... right??

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