Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days 3 and 4

3 days old. Yes... his cheeks take up most of his face :)

 4 days old

And lets not forget his extremely stylish sister 

Our poor little man is jaundice. We had to put him on lights yesterday :( yes... I did cry. But we are really hoping that his test will come back better today and we can get back to normal.


  1. omgosh Chana- your kids are so darn cute! and stylish :) I'm sorry Pep is jaundice :( a few of my kids were too- Sierra spent most of the first week of her life naked in the sunlight because of it. Hang in there xoxoxox

  2. whoa, that is a great outfit! I would totally wear it! And he's so stinkin' cute! I love his cheeks!! :)

  3. oh, jaundice. it is the worst! hope he gets better soon.
    he's so adorable. i love the cheeks so much! i also love the wrinkly forehead . . . i can't resist a chubby, wrinkly baby.

  4. Charlotte was jaundice too, I was stressin, We didn't do lights-but I hope he gets it out of his system soon!! HER IS SO CUTE with his big ole cheeks! HE is totally AnDee's bro!!! SO cute!!! Glad you got the swaddle blanket!!! Keep us posted on how he is doing!!! AND AnDee too! Hope you are feeling great too!!!