Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who is that Kid?

We finally broke down and cut the boys hair. Much to my dismay. I loved his long blond locks. But alas.. he couldn't see and so we chopped it. We easily took 5 inches off if not more. Its now very uneven and choppy because his hair was too fine and kept slipping through the clippers but he is super cute none the less. He seriously looks SO different! He didn't recognize himself when we took him to the mirror. He was literally hiding from the kid in the mirror. When Andrew asked "who is that? Is that Pep" he replied very unhappily "NO! Not Pep!"

We are all starting to get used to the new do and I have to admit, I do love seeing his bright blue eyes. He looks like a little boy now instead of a baby. Makes me a little sad.

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