Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Here is another random post. Lots of outside time in the garden and taking care of our new rabbits an chickens.
We like to call AnDee the chicken whisperer. It is really quite strange what she can get those things to do. They will literally sit on her lap and not even attempt to move for crazy amounts of time. She can also get them to lay on their backs. Like... she lays them on their backs on the ground and leaves them there and they don't move. She carries them all over the place and they don't seem to mind one bit

(Im not sure what is going on with these pics but I cant get them to load up without the squishy effect. Deal with it)

Pep gets bored with the chickens cause he's just not quite fast enough to catch them. The rabbits however are a favorite of his. He loves to cuddle them and give them kisses.

We have been working our tails off in the yard lately. It feels good. I love it. Plus I have child slaves...

 Is that a polygamist child working the fields?? ;)
This is how Ike helps...
 He sits like the incredibly patient baby he is and doesn't even complain when he is mauled by his siblings.

After all the hard work everyone gets quite tuckered out.

On Mothers day, Ike went to church looking like a gangster

And the kids got to sit with Grandma, Grandpa and Jake while mom and dad spoke (Terrifying, as always)
And then after church we went to Grandma's to to talk to Uncle Stevie!! Of course my children suddenly got shy when they saw him on the computer and didn't want to do much talking but it was fun anyway.
To finish up the day we went and visited Peps best friend Kevin the pig and we fed him pinecones
(Pep has to visit Kevin.. who lives down the road from Grandma... every time we go to her house)

  then we caught snakes while daddy checked on our bees
(another squishy pic. sorry.)
We LOVE the warm weather... even though our house currently feels like a sauna. (still trying to convince Andrew to turn on the AC)

Ike loves sitting outside with us and it has been so super warm. He has become quite the little mover and shaker. Always kicking and squirming. He would probably be rolling over by now if I ever made him do tummy time... Im a slacker mom.

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  1. AnDee has crazy weird skills and yes she does look polygamist :)
    I'm with Andrew on the AC, it's only the middle of May so we have to deal. Although maybe the sauna feeling house is my kids are still sneaking out of their beds at 10:30 at night.