Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a little of this and a little of that

I probably should do a bunch of separate posts for these things but Im much to much of a lazy blogger for that. So here you have it... another catch up post with a little bit of everything!
a few weeks ago Andrew and Buggy made a giant fort in the living room and watched movies and had a "sleep over" It has now become a weekend tradition. Of course two weekends ago it wasn't much of a party... AnDee was sick. She has never thrown up before but she made up for her lack of puking in one weekend. Everything that went down came right back up. The kid doesn't know how to slow down, she would be running around and playing one minute and the next she would be as white as a ghost, running a fever and barfing. Lovely. Luckily it only lasted a couple of days and she was back to normal... of course once she was feeling better, mom and dad got it. Good times!

yeah... I couldn't even walk to my front door without going through the fort. 

At our house we have toys, we do I promise. But my children don't play with toys. Peps favorite "toys" right now are a Christmas bell and spoons. AnDee??? She will play with just about anything that isn't actually considered a toy... Tooth brushes, bowls, spatulas, dog leashes... last night was a storage bin. Doesn't Pep just look incredibly happy to be in that thing, he doesn't look scared outta his mind in the least.

AnDee has been going through a little defiant stage lately. She likes to push buttons and then throw a little fit when things don't work out to her liking. So needless to say we have had an exceptional amount of screaming in our house lately. The good part about this? Pep. The kid cracks me up. When Buggy starts in with the screaming he mimics her... like exactly... exactly the same pitch, everything. Then she get REAL mad and what does he do? He laughs. He thinks it is SO darn funny that he can make her that mad. Which also results in my laughter. Im scared to see what kind of tease he ends up being. 
He is really getting around now with his army crawling but still hasn't quite got his belly off the floor, he does however like to get up on his toes in a push up position and just hold it there. Thats right, my 7 month old planks for fun. What a weirdo. He is also become quite the noisy little thing. I hear "Dadadadada" all day long. Its not fair that its so much easier for them to make the Da sound than it is the Mah sound. His kisses are the best and he is always true to character in that he is still the happiest kid I think Ive ever seen... especially when food is involved.

Despite AnDee testing her boundaries lately she is still a blast. I love hanging out with her and listening to her talk. Im not sure why but lately every time she sees something similar to a dot, such as a freckle or mole or even specs of pepper on a plate, she calls them coconuts. "Look mom! that lady has coconuts on her face!" 
She has also been eating horrendous amounts of food lately. Which is so not like her. She has gone through two full packages of hotdogs by herself in the last 3 days. Gross right? Growth spurt? Im thinking its a definite. 

Lastly I just wanted to post this one...

This is our Aunt Gayle. My kids ADORE this woman. Almost as much as I did/do. She is the best! She comes over a few days a week just to play with my kids. AnDee can be the grouchiest kid in the world and after two minutes with Aunt Gayle she is nothing but smiles. We are so grateful for such awesome people in our lives!


  1. Wow, that pep looks like Andrew. And be careful. Fox was a big tease when he was a baby, now he is a ridiculous tease. I laugh...when he's teasing his siblings, but then occasionally (a lot) it back fires and he teases me. Little punk ;). And tell Andrew I'm super impressed with his fort. We are still doing couch cushions and chairs. I never even thought I've hanging sheets/blankets from the ceiling!! BRILLIANT! :)

  2. When you make forts, you don't kid around do you! We used to just make them under the table or chairs. I am totally impressed by your forts :) And I love Aunt Gayle too. I miss her. I love that AnDee and Pep are another generation knowing and loving Gayle! xoxoxoxo