Monday, October 10, 2016

Yellow Stone

My side of the family does a little trip every 2 years together. Usually it is to Disneyland but with the large quantity of people we now have in the family Disney is getting a little overwhelming so this year we tried something new. We went to Island Park and rented a giant cabin for all of us to stay in!
And so when our little Leo was 4 weeks old, we packed him up (and the other kids too) and went on an adventure to Yellow stone!

Honestly I think this trip was better than Disneyland for the cousins. They actually got to just be with each other for days on end. It was a blast and I had never been to Yellow Stone before so that was pretty neat.... Ok if we are being really honest here, I wasn't that impressed with the park. And its not because Yellow Stone isn't wicked cool. It is! But the 6 billion other people there just ruined it for me. When I am in nature, I want to see nature... not a million Asians. (sorry?? that was bad, wasn't it?)
However, sharing a cabin with all the cousins and going on little adventures close to the cabin was a BLAST and we made some memories that will last with my kids forever. My parents are awesome for providing these kinds of opportunities.

 P.S. We cut Ike's hair off... I still want to cry. It can't grow back fast enough!

Look at that water! I have never seen a more beautiful lake.
Also... don't let the picture fool you. The boys were screaming their bloody heads off. Apparently paddle boards are just death traps and adults are just to ignorant to recognize it.

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