Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Boys

My AnDee is adorable. She says the cutest and most sweet things you will ever hear. I love chatting with her. She is mature and articulate and I can hold adult conversations with her... and it freaks me out a little.
My boys however are still in that stage where they say funny/awkward/strange things all day every day. From Pep laughing, pointing and yelling "Mom! look at that girl! She looks so funny! All fat in that BIG flower swimming suit!" (the girl was standing literally 10 feet from him) to Isaac  whispering "ooo! Alligators in there!" every time we pass a pond... which is often because we live in Illinois and there are ponds approximate every half mile.
I used to blog about all the little cute things AnDee would say and I don't do that with my boys. It makes me sad really. When I go back and read the things that AnDee would say, it brings back the whole memory. I remember where we were and who we were with and what she looked like. I don't want to miss that with my boys. I need to do better... as always.
So here are a few for the books.
Ike loves to eat dirt. Ever since  my mom gave him his alter ego name (Larry) he thinks its hilarious to tell us "Im Larry! I eat dirt!!!" 
This is the conversation I over heard him having with his dad
Andrew: "Ike, don't eat dirt. Its yucky."
Ike: "No it's not, its yummy!"
Andrew: "No. Its yucky"
Ike: No its not Dad. Its yummy. Im serious."
He is serious about a lot these days.

All of my kids are obsessed with the movie  Pete's Dragon. My boys however, are convinced its called "Pete the dragon" and that Pete is the dragons name and not the boys. We have had many arguments about this... the boys always win.

Another one of there favorites (which confuses the heck outta me cause I find it very unappealing) Is Puss N Boots. Around here though it is called "Cat in boots" which, lets be honest, its a way better name.

Ike has a strange reaction to the word "no" Whenever it is said, he compulsively responds with a very excited and slightly whiney sounding "PLEASE?!" 
Andrew was having a conversation with Pep a few days ago and Pep asked a question to which Andrew's response was "no" Suddenly, Ike, who had had no part in the conversation up to this point chimes in with a very loud "PLEASE?!" 
It's a little annoying but mostly its funny.

On the way home from church last week Andrew and I were talking when Pep interrupted me with a question (like he usually does. He is in that phase where he needs to know everything about everything) 
This is what I heard: "Mama? How do you tease girls?"
So I repeated the question back to him thinking it was an odd question. "No" he said, and then he repeated the question again.
This is what Andrew heard: "How do teeth grow?"
So he repeated the question and again we were wrong. Pep tried again
This is what I heard: "How does cheese grow"
Wrong again.
Finally after Pep tried very hard to slow down and annunciate so that the old deaf people could actually understand, I got it. The real question was "How do trees grow?" Which was followed up by "How do flowers grow?" and "How does grass grow?"
Once we understood the theme, it was much easier to understand him.

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  1. So very, very cute. I need to start writing down more again. I have pictures being printed from instagram, but I'm missing all the stories of all the crazy things they say and do. I haven't been on your blog forever. I just read your Fathers Day one and literally lol'ed at the Ike making Andrew eat with a baby spoon. Hahaha! That's hilarious! :)