Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Couple Things to Remember

So Im taking it a few months back today. To a few events that never made it to the blog but that Id like to remember. The first comes to us from Miss AnDee Lew. She had a sock hop party at her school and was specific about needing a pink poodle skirt. I struggled to want to put an actually poodle on the skirt so after a little convincing she gave me  permission to make it a "scotty dog skirt"

Then we did her hair all fancy. Cutest girl ever.

Next up we have a little gem from Andrew. He went in for a discogram as part of the prepping process for possible back surgery. He was doing a little drugged texting..
Once he sobered up he had zero recollection of this.

And last we have a few words from my kiddos

 AnDee and Pep were playing in the yard and I was sitting in a lawn chair listening to them. (When I do this I have to be sneaky cause they don't play the same when they think Im paying attention) A rainbow appeared in the sky and this is the conversation that followed.
AnDee: Pep! Look! A rainbow!!
Pep: Yeah... but we better not touch it cause it will just sting us.
AnDee: No... Did you know there is golden at the end?!

 A while back AnDee and Pep were facetiming  with their cousin Felicity and Pep wanted to draw a picture for her.
Pep: Ok Jayne, you tell me what to draw for you.
Jayne: Ok... Um... draw me a flower.
Pep: I can't draw a flower! (like this was a preposterous suggestion)
(after a few more suggestions that were shot down) Jayne: Ok Pepperoni, tell me what you CAN draw.
Pep: I can draw a circle!!!

While walking AnDee to school The Girl was trying to explain The Boy about writing letters.
AnDee: First you have to get your mom to write your address.
Pep (in total embarrassment): AHHH! I don't have a dress on!

I was cleaning up the living room and Buggy was hovering like she tends to do.. you know, cause she never gets ANY attention.
AnDee: Guess what I learned in school today?
Me: What?
AnDee: Wait... I gotta say it so that no one can hear. (leans in and whispers in my ear) Q and U got married!
At which point she covered her mouth and giggled like it was the silliest and most embarrassing thing she could ever think of.

For some reason Pep has this weird thing where he HAS to have socks on at ALL times. He had had the same pair on for a couple of days and I couldn't get him to change them so I sat him down and peeled them off of his feet myself. As I finished pulling the second sock off, AnDee walked into the room. You would have thought she walked in on him with his pants down and his bum hanging out. He was mortified!  "AHHH! MOM! DONT LET ANDEE SEE ME" then he tucked his feet under his legs and did his best to cover them up with his hands.
Weirdest. Kid. Ever.  Should I worry?

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