Friday, August 22, 2014


We obviously made it home... about a month ago actually. We tried really hard to get back in to the swing of things but if Im being honest... its been crazy. I was called in to Young Womens as soon as we got home and have been trying hard to get Buggy ready for school. Im pretty sure I had no idea what was going to be expected of us in that category. We have had doctors/dental appointments left and right, not to mention getting clothes and supplies (We spent $70 on supplies that the school required! Im pretty sure we bought enough supplies for her entire class)
Just as things were winding down and I was getting to the bottom of my to-do list, we received the news that Andrews Grandma Elder had passed away. The news was obviously sad and a little upsetting  but she was so ready. So ready to finally rejoin Grandpa Elder and to move past the limits of her mortal body. It was hard to say goodbye but it really was a really good experience. We got to fly to Utah for a few days for the funeral and I can honestly say it was fun (stressful but fun) preparing for the funeral. I know thats not what you normally hear but remembering her, her life and all of the hilarious and awesome things she did/was, was fun. I got to go through pictures from her entire life and it was just an awesome reminder of the person she was before she got so sick. Im super jealous of her fashion sense too. She was gorgeous and always dressed to the hilt. She was fun and playful and full of life and most of all... Her family ADORED her. She left behind quite the legacy and I feel very lucky to have had a small part in her life.
Going out to Utah was unexpected, especially just days before AnDee's very first day of kindergarten but it was so fun. Fun to see family and friends and to eat good food and to just let the kids play endlessly with cousins. It was so hard for AnDee to come back. She is really struggling with living so far away and with starting school in a place where she knows no one. I feel her pain. And some days I have the exact same pain but Im excited for her. She will finally have a chance to make friends her own age and be a little independent.
We did manage to do a few fun things in between our Utah trips. We discovered an awesome (and free!) zoo that is just minutes from us. We did lots of fishing and firefly catching (fireflies may very well be my favorite part about living here). We went to Savers and bought awesome dress up clothes and cheap toys. We drove our neighbors crazy and played in the rain/mud. We rode bikes and climbed trees (and used Peps head as a stool. I believe AnDee's exact words were "No Pep! Just let me step on your head!") We wrestled (the boys love to sit on peoples faces. If you lay on the ground  you will get a bum in your face) We went to the splash pad. (where the kids were terrified of all the fountains except the one little wimpy one that barely bubbled out of the ground.  Ike discovered the joys of nutella and we made a giant ball of yarn, which made him really happy. He also suckered me in to buying a stupid stuffed dog for him. He pined over it for weeks and weeks. Every time we went in to hobby lobby he would snatch it up and cuddle it. I couldn't resist.

 As I mentioned before, while we were in Utah I ate way too much comfort food and we spent lots of time with family and friends... And I got next to no pictures of any of it.

I know... Way too many pictures. Please forgive me in my sad attempt to get all caught up on all the things I have been missing.

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  1. hahaha!! I love this. I've been putting off catching up on mine because I have SO much blogging to do. Blah. Maybe I'll be brave and do it today too. Maybe. ;)