Thursday, August 29, 2013


I hate it. I don't want to share my children. They should be at home with me.... forever and ever.

Those are my true feelings on the matter but reality tells me my kids need an education and while I honestly would like to homeschool my kids... I know I wont keep up with it. Im not nearly organized or structured enough to do something like that right now and so school is a must.
The girl doesnt seem to enjoy it as much as I had hoped she would. She doesnt hate it by any means but she just isnt excited about it.
"how was school?!!"
"what did you do?!!"
"nothing really"
"did you make any friends?"
"did you do anything fun?!"
"not really. We just went outside for a while."

That is the conversation we have every day she goes to school. She seems bored and uninterested. I hope that changes and she ends up loving it, cause with how much I hate sending her there... she may end up a drop out at age 4.

Here are some pics from her first day and again Pep had to get in on the action and wear his backpack as we walked her to school.

I cried. Not like I was a little weepy and shed a tear or two. No. I full on lost it multiple times that day. (I hate this growing up stuff) So Pep and I tried to stay busy and made a delicious pancake breakfast.

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